Making Gifting Memorable ✨

Ari & Lia believes in the power of gifting and what it can signify to an individual. We believe in personalization as a form of self-expression. Everyone is unique in their way and we love that jewelry is a way for someone to express their style. This is why our jewelry line focuses on so deep into the intricate detail of personalization.

Giving the gift of a personalized gift shows someone how much you love and appreciate them. It will allow you to deepen that personal connection with this special person. By this simple act, you will both cherish each other and the moment even more.

A gift can be given for any special occasion whether that means birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just a simple “I was thinking of you and wanted to surprise you.”

While creating Ari & Lia we wanted to have many different pieces including different lettering fonts, style, and color. We feature over 250 pieces of jewelry and you’ll see that no two pieces look alike.

Whether you’re looking for a new piece for yourself or for a gift we’re sure you’ll make a beautiful selection.

Remember, every day is a special day to tell your loved ones you love them and also surprise them with a piece of jewelry that they will hold on to forever. ✨   

Some cute ideas include our Personalized Signature Name Bracelet. which is a beautiful dainty piece that you can customize with your writing.

We also offer the Heart Diamond Cut Picture Pendant which turns a cherished memory into a piece of wearable art. This piece can be easily personalized by uploading a photo using our online customization tool. If you have any difficulties message us on Instagram or Facebook, we will be happy to help!



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