Fall Romantic Date Ideas🎃🍂 + Labor Day 1K Giveaway!

This week we wanted to spice it up a little and talk about the upcoming fall season. After being stuck home and bored in the house, things are starting to look up again. The fall season brings us to enjoy because there are so many cute things to do! 🎃

We wanted to break down some of our favorite things to do during the fall time. We know planning a date can sometimes be difficult especially with restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. We want to offer you a simple, socially distanced date that can be done without worries. 

1. Top on our list is going to a Pumpkin Patch! And no, you’re not too old. This is the perfect place to embrace the fall season and spend time with your significant other. It usually will require a long drive, depending on where you live, but you can use this time to talk about your childhood memories from when you used to go pumpkin picking.

Most pumpkin patches also have corn mazes and overall beautiful scenery, so if you haven’t planned it yet, take some time to surprise your s/o with a cute and affordable date! Also, don’t forget to snap those Instagram worthy photos.

2. Enjoy a socially distanced picnic! Now that the summer heat is passing, fall is the perfect time to spend some cozy days outdoors. A short google search will show you many parks near. Bring a sweater, blanket, and pick up a meal (or cook at home) to enjoy yourself a nice night under the stars. It’ll be definitely a romantic night at a low cost!

3. Plan a photoshoot for you and your s/o under the fall leaves. All you need is your phone and possibly a tripod! Get dressed in your favorite fall clothing and jewelry! Our bamboo name earrings would look great with any outfit! It doesn’t have to be perfect, just create some memories and experiences. We promise it’ll be fun!





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