We understand that you don’t want to take our jewelry off. However, to keep it looking it's best, here are some helpful tips:

  • Leave the jewelry off when you shower and primp.
  • Put your jewelry on after you do your hair and makeup.
  • Avoid chlorine. If you’re heading to a pool or Jacuzzi, take it off.


We expect you’ll be wearing your sterling silver jewelry day and night, which is great because the oils in your skin actually prevent the jewelry from tarnishing!

An easy way to refresh your silver is by using a jewelry polishing cloth. This will remove any tarnish and smudging that may occur. Polishing cloths are widely available at jewelers and pharmacies. For extra cleaning we recommend using silver polish.

When you are not wearing your silver jewelry (to shower or sleep), we suggest storing each piece individually in an airtight plastic bag.


You’ll probably be wearing these pieces a lot. An easy way to keep them shining is by taking a bowl with a mixture of warm water and mild dish detergent, and letting the jewelry soak for a few minutes. Once soaked, rinse with water and dry with polishing cloth.

For tarnish and smudges, just simply use a polishing cloth. If you need to buy one, polishing cloths are widely available at jewelers and pharmacies.

For the times you aren’t wearing the jewelry, we recommend keeping it individually in a soft pouch or bag.


We love the low maintenance, high shine of CZ! If you're already cleaning and polishing your pieces, that should keep the sparkle alive. For extra shine, dip a soft toothbrush in a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Then, gently scrub away any dirt that may have built up.


To have your jewelry ready to wear, it’s best to keep each piece separate to keep it from tangling and tarnishing.

For sterling silver, we recommend using an airtight plastic bag to keep moisture out.

For yellow and rose gold plated, you can just keep each piece in a soft pouch.