Work from Home But Make it Fashion

Working from home has been the new norm for most these past few months. While some are still adjusting to it many have mastered it!

Here are a few tips we’ve gathered on how to make it the most productive:

The first thing should be common sense but it’s the biggest thing we see people do and that is to work from bed. This can become difficult because to be productive you need to differentiate your workspace from your relaxing space.

Treat the day as if you were getting up to go to work.

Make yourself breakfast and get dressed. It doesn’t have to be work clothing, but enough so that you’re not in your pajamas (we know this is tempting.) Many believe that getting dressed signals your body to be in “work mode.”

Give your outfit some flare with Diamond Cut Double Plated Name Necklace with Curb Chain, it might help you feel better!


An Insider reporter gives us an insight as to how she felt wearing work clothing during the week, read about it here and see what she has to say!


One of the biggest things that has helped me stay productive has been putting on my regular jewelry. I love putting on pieces I would wear to the office or even something a little more extra. Jewelry makes me feel happy and I feel my best when wearing it.

Some of my favorite work pieces include, Ari and Lia Eternity rings I love how they can spice up my outfit but still feel comfortable enough to work with my phone and computer.

I also adore my name plate necklaces, the single plated high polish necklace has to be one of my favorites.

Lastly, to complete my look I love adding a tiny little bracelet, the curb bracelet with CZ bar is one of my favorites to wear on its own and it doesn’t bother me at all.


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