Jewelry Style Guide

Jewelry is the perfect way to reveal something about you and to make a statement. Many people use jewelry as a way to express their individuality. Here at Ari and Lia, we believe in a personalized approach to jewelry and wearing pieces that make you feel like yourself. Below we’ll break down some jewelry styles and leave you some recommendations!

 The Minimalist

For the minimalist person we know how important it is to keep things simple. Less jewelry and more sleekness. They want to make a good impression without trying too hard. They like modern, delicate pieces that can be versatile and styled different ways. They tend to like single pieces and are all about the basics. 

 If you see yourself described here, we recommend:

Single Initial Necklace with Script Hand Engraving

Single High Polish Script Name Necklace with Curb Chain

Love Empowered Name Necklace



 The Classy Type

For the classic person, time-less pieces are key. They like to keep it simple and wear pieces that go with everything. They like to have jewelry that goes with everything and can be stylish. They seek elegant pieces that can be worn for years and years. They believe in investing in their pieces to keep them for a long time, the 14K Collection is exactly up their ally. 

If you see yourself described here, we recommend:

 Single High Script Name Necklace with Curb Chain

Script Hoop Earrings  

Name or Date Cut Out Ring






The Bold Type

This is the person who doesn’t care what anyone says, if they like it, they will wear. They are usually the trend-setters. They typically try new fashion trends before anyone else because they are not afraid of what people think. They love statement pieces but don’t overload. They like the standout, unique pieces that people will stop and want to know more about.

If you relate to this, we recommend:

Double Plated Amber with Solid Back Diamond Accent

Rainbow Eternity Ring

Script Monogram Cuff Bangle




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